At HINA, we make it easy to own and operate the backyard rink of your dreams. Our portable refrigerated ice rink systems maintain ice up to 50°F or less giving you a reliable and consistent ice surface for up to five months. Imagine, never having to rely on the weather again!

Our portable rinks roll out in the fall on any flat surface to make ice for 4 to 5 months.  In the spring, they simply roll back up and get stored for the off season without taking up valuable summer yard space.​ Not to mention, our portable systems are modular allowing your rink to grow with your family. You can make the rink larger, relocate it or even convert it to a permanent sports pad. Call or email us today for more information.

Services include:

- fully refrigerated seasonal "portable" rinks

- permanent refrigerated rinks

- non refrigerated seasonal rinks

- any and all site preparation

- consultation & legal help through any permitting process

- procurement of any and all items needed to maintain and use the ice rink

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